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Coins of Islam

Coins of Islam

Coins of Islam typically carry no realistic Images (icons); however, there are some interesting exceptions (My mini collection of figural bronzes is included below). The calligraphy and designs make them some of the most beautiful coins ever produced. The Ottoman Empire coins have the ruler's signature featured.

Previously attributed as Khusru 590 - 628 CE, this is an imitation produced in Tarbistan after the fall of the Sassanian Empire to the Muslims.
Obv: Khusru right; Crescent & stars
Rev: Fire altar.
Discovery Channel note: The flame at the center of the Zoroastrian religion has been kept in central Iran for the past 2500 years. The flame has not been extinguished.
Umayyad, Hisham, 105-125 AH/724-743 AD, AR Dirham,
anonymous type struck at Wasit 122 AH (mint and date sharp clear)
full name Abul Walid Hisham Ibn Abdel Malek, of the Marwanid line, with 5 annulets
Lavoix # 524
Obv. inscription: Central -There is no diety except | (the one) God alone. In Margin: In the name of Allah, This Dirham was struck in Wasit in the year 22 and One Hundred (122AH)
Rev. He has no equal, God is One God | The eternal and indivisible, who has not begotten, and | has not been begotten and never is there | His equal. Marginal Legend - Muhammad is the messenger of God. He sent him with guidance and the true religion to reveal it to all religions even if the polytheists abhor it.
Umayyad Caliphate, temp. Marwan II, AR Dirham
AH 127-132 @ 750 CE
Umayyad ae 12 @ 120 AH (738 AD)
Obv: Fish with inscription above.
Rev: Inscription
mint Bayssan
Abbassid Al-Muqtadir 908 - 932 CE [320 AH] AR dirhem 28 mm
ISLAMIC DYNASTIES. Kakwayhids. Zahir al din Abu Mansur Faramarz. 1041-1051. AV Dinar (25mm, 3.71 g) Isfahan mint. AH 435 (AD 1043/44).
Kalima with mint and date in double marginal legend
Titles within single marginal legend
Ex: CNG auction 144 lot # 361
Artuqids of Mardin, Nejm Al Din Alpi. A.H 547-572, (1152-1176) AE Dirhem 30mm.
obv: Bust of Antiochus VII in profile.
Rev: Legend in late Kufi
Artuqid, Nejm al Din Alpi, AH 547 to 572 (AD 1152 to 1176), citing Caliph Al Mustanjid (AH 555 to 566), AE Dirhem, 10.77 gms.
Obv: Two facing heads with Arabic inscriptions around.
A facing head with Arabic inscriptions around.
Ex: Frank Robinson

Zengid, Saif al-Din Ghazi II (1170 - 1180 AD) AE Dirham, Date: AH 567 (1171 / 1172 AD)
28 mm. 10.57 gm.
Obverse: Male bust with Turkish features facing slightly left, hair in knot at forehead; two winged creatures above. Kufic legend right and left (date, beginning on the left).
Reverse: Four line Kufic legend; legend in field.

Artuqids of Mardin, Qutb al-Din Il-Ghazi II (1176 - 1184 AD)
AE Dirham, (10.90 gm.) Minted - AH 580 (1184/1185 AD)
Obverse: Two diademed busts facing, both draped in Byzantine fashion (Sun and Mercury).
Reverse: Five line Kufic legend.
For More on Artuqid coins click this.
Artuqids of Mardin. Husam al-Din Yuluq Arslan, 1184-1201. AE Dirhem 31 mm 15.33 g).
Mars seated wielding sword and holding severed head.
legend within 3 circles
Ex: Wayne Sayles
Artuqids of Mardin, Hosam Al Din A.H. 580-597 AE 32 (1184-1201)
Obv: Four full-length figures in different postures within a beaded circle. The mourning of Saladin
Rev: Legend in late Kufic. YEAR 589 - @ 1193 AD
Zengid, Qutb al-Din Muhammud bin Zengi
AE Dirham, (7.35 gm.) AH 596 (1199 / 1200 AD), Sinjar mint
Obverse: Heroic male bust left, holding scepter and shield; Kufic legend.
Reverse: Four line central Kufic legend; marginal legends.
Artuqids of Mardin, Hosam Al Din A.H. 580-597 AE 32 (1184-1200)
Obv: Four full-length figures in different postures within a beaded circle. The mourning of Saladin
Rev: Legend in late Kufic. YEAR 589 - @ 1221 AD
Artuqids of Mardin, Nasir al-Din Mahmud (1200 - 1222 AD), AE Dirhem 26 mm; minted AH 617 (1220/1221 AD)
obv: Two-headed eagle.
Rev: Three line Kufic legend in beaded border
Seljuks of Rum, Kay Khusro II, 638-4 AD/ 1239-1243 AD. AR Dirhem 2.97 gm.
obv: Lion walking right, Sunface above, stars in field (astrological reference to the sun in Leo)
Rev: Kufic legend within square.
Ex; Sayles
ALMOHADS, Abu Ya'qub Yusuf ibn Ya'qub 685-706AH/1286-1307AD AR dirhem 18 mm
Northern Africa
Muzaffarids, Shah Shu Jaa©–, 759-786 AH/ 1358-1386 AD, AR 2 dinars
Type of Shiraz
Nasir al-Din Nusrat silver Tanka, 25.5 mm Bengal Sultanate. (AH 925-938/ 1519-1531 AD).
dated AH 924. with two small countermarks on the reverse; border of criss-crosses and dots.
Rx: Reverse: Stylized humped bull with Brahmi name above
Husaynabad mint
Mughal India, Shah Jahan 1628-58 AD
Obverse: Persian legend..
Rx: Persian legend. .
KM 222.2.
Ahmadabad - mint.
Mughal Ruler who built the Taj Mahal
Safavid, Shahs of Iran Sultan Hussein, 1105-1135 AH / 1694-1722 AD
Struck at the city of Isfahanin 1131 AH
Ottoman Empire,
Mahmud II 1810 CE [1224 AH]
AR 20 Paras 22 mm.
Ottoman Empire,
Abdul Mejid 1839 - 1861 CE [1255 AH]
AR 20 Piastras 36 mm.
Ottoman Empire,
Abdul Aziz 1861 CE [1277 AH]
AE 5 Paras 24 mm.

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